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What is is a platform and product for optimizing your cloud expenditures and managing your cloud resources.
We're quickly adding features, but right now, you can use to

  • Determine whether the cloud instances you're currently running are correctly sized
  • Trace the history of your cloud expenditures
  • Manage the lifecycle of your cloud instances
  • Group your instances together by metadata incubating
  • Schedule complex operations on groups, systems, or individual instances incubating
  • Compare instance classes across regions and clouds incubating

This summer, we will offer support for:

  • Managed, clusterless Kubernetes
  • Managed, cost-optimized database services


We know that you have choices when it comes to some or all of these features. aims democratize the cloud optimization and management process. Gone are the days of paying one company thousands of dollars to save tens of thousands of dollars. With, you get:

  1. Aggressive optimizations
  2. Low, predictable, transparent pricing
  3. Thoughtful, user-centric workflows unified across regions and clouds
  4. Friendly, low-pressure support